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lexy x hiraya

"Be aesthetically ready with this on the go school essential"

This is the limited edition merch line of Youtube content creator Lexy Rodriguez consist of a tote bag, notepad, & a set of KN94 mask.



behind the tote

tote bag mock up.png

“Do what makes you happy”

This is one of my favorite quotes because we are all free to do what we know brings joy into our lives.

I hope this will serve as a reminder that you do not need approval from someone else when wanting to do something you love and you’re passionate about as long as you know that you are not hurting anyone.

- Lexy Rodriguez

behind the notepad

The purpose of this notepad is to help you track the things you have to accomplish or remember.

But asides its main purpose, I wanted to put this quote I saw, “One day at a time” to serve as a daily reminder not to pressure yourself and that life isn’t a race and we are in control of our own phase in life.

- Lexy Rodriguez


behind the mask


"This Mask is Essential. Please take a step back"

Wearing of face masks and practicing social distancing is a must to ensure everyone’s safety in the midst of this pandemic.

When you wear this mask I hope you know that I am hoping for the safety of you and the people around you.

- Lexy Rodriguez

Lexy Rodriguez

Lexy Rodriguez is a Filipina Youtube content creator who are known for beauty, fashion, travel and lifestyle vlogs. Some of her more popular content includes school supply hauls and back to school videos.

Her supporters admired her aesthetic university diaries that inspire them to be essentially ready when facing their school life.

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