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Confidence Club

is the first merch line of content creator Angel Secillano consisting of totes and tees with designs and statements aiming to promote her strong advocacy for self-love and confidence.


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behind the statement

The phrase “be unapologetically you” is something I remind myself everyday.

When I was in first grade in elementary school, I was really shy. You would hardly see photos of me smiling in front of a camera and talking to people I just met. I remember the time when my mom enrolled me into a workshop where we had acting, dancing, and singing lessons. I loved doing those things but at the back of my mind, I didn’t want the idea of messing up the
choreography and people judging me. The day of our recital came and after the performance, I felt this sudden guilt in me because I knew I could’ve done a better job during our sessions. I loved the feeling of performing in front of a crowd and I knew that the once thing missing in me was the confidence to do what I want.

I came into a realization that one way or another, it doesn’t matter what other people may think, it doesn’t matter if I make a mistake, and it doesn’t matter if what I’m doing is unusual — what matters the most is that I am happy!

We live a life full of worry which sometimes makes us regret not being true to ourselves. I love being myself and I wouldn’t be doing what I do now if it wasn’t for the confidence that mantra gave to me and I hope it would impact you the same way too.

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angel secillano

is a lifestyle content creator based mainly on YouTube, known for her fashion sense and travel vlogs.

She varies with her content throughout platforms such as food reviews on TikTok, yet remains with the constant cheerful and bubbly personality.

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