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alliana x hiraya

is the limited edition merch line of content creator Alliana Dolina consisting of KN95 masks, and tote bags. Alliana chose to emphasize the statement "be good, do good" in this collaboration as a reminder that good is the least we can do.

Believe and trust yourself that you can do it.


behind the statement


 "This is a phrase that I randomly saw but struck me. I realized especially in these trying times that there’s so much void and darkness that's happening in the world right now that the least we could do is to be good and to do good for others - love & light for all.

I just want people to be authentic with themselves. We should be true to ourselves instead of living based on other people’s standards, I want people to be passionate with what they do. Believe and trust yourself that you can do it. Choose yourselves everyday."

alliana dolina

 Alliana Dolina is a social media influencer and YouTuber, best known for her lifestyle vlogs on her YouTube channel as well as the stylish outfit images she posts on her Instagram.

She is a native of the Philippines. Her boyfriend, CJ Cansino has frequently made appearances in her vlogs.

She is a Med-Tech student, graduated as Magna Cum Laude this 2022 in the University of Santo Thomas

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