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is the limited edition merch line of content creator Kianna D. consisting of a shirt and heart-shaped tote bag. Kianna emphasizes on statements, 'Be your Own Kind of Beautiful'  to encourage you to own your kind of beautiful by being yourself. 


'Bloom Where You Are Planted' reminds you to focus on where and who you are today and make the most/best out of it. 



Behind the tote

"Being your own kind of beautiful is simply being yourself. 

You don't need to seek for anyone's approval because you are your own kind of unique and beautiful. 

The happiness in being your own kind of beautiful will encourage you to be the best version of yourself and to live the life you'll love."

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Behind the statement tee

"For me, this statement tells people to focus on where and who we are today and make the most/best out of it.

Blooming in where we are planted is a step in making our dreams come true, with hope and perseverance in our hearts." 


Kianna D. is a Youtube & Tiktok lifestyle content creator known for her aesthetic and relaxing video contents. 

Alongside being a content creator, she is also a ballerina, pink lover and her relationship with her mother, and her family is admired by the people on the internet. 

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