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Charuth x hiraya

is the limited edition merch line of TikTok content creator Charlize Ruth Reyes consisting of a sweatshirt, statement shirt, and cap.

Find the Fun in Every Moment is the empowering statement that Charuth wants to share to her supporters which it means, 

Life is much more fun if you can laugh or smile at the most random moments. 



behind the statement


 "The first time I heard this line from one of my favorite sitcoms, it has changed my perspective in life. 

Whenever I'm in a situation that I may or may not control, I always try to find a reason to enjoy what is happening around me. Life is much more fun if you can laugh or smile at the most random moments.

Hanngga't masaya at responsable ka sa mga ginagawa mo, ituloy mo lang!"

Charlize ruth reyes

Charuth is a commedian actress and TikTok content creator for making skit contents about random but classic Filipino life experiences which brought her to create a merch that resonates to her character. 

Her career as an actress started when she was casted to a gag show called Quizon CT feauturing the children of the late Comedy King Dolphy. It is a travel comedy program every Sunday, 8PM broadcasted on Net25.

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