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Leigh's Loft

is the merch line of content creator Leigh Chanelle Ong consisting of tees and abaca masks with designs and statements that speak about her individual growth. 

Based in Cebu, Leigh produced her own product pictures  

that peg for Leigh's "y2k" vision in her personal branding.

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behind the statement


“Grow bigger than your fears”– these are the words I lived by for the past year. It has been my motto as I tried to improve and focus on myself. I know how hard it is to try new things, especially if those things scare you to death.


This statement is close to my heart, as it was the words that helped me become the person that I am today. I wanted something that would represent these words, a tangible item that would help remind me of how far I've come as a person after growing bigger than my fears, hence, the statement tees and masks.


And I hope to inspire everyone to share their stories of growth, and to celebrate themselves.

leigh chanelle

is known for her humorous and charming personality on mainly on TikTok. She actively shares her witty jokes, nursing student stories, and quirky dances in short-length videos.

After gaining more than a million followers on that platform, she is continuously branching out to new opportunities such as creating vlogs on Youtube.

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