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“More than just a tote bag, it is a straight-up manifestation. With the upcoming elections, I wanted us, especially women, to restore the matriarchy. A matriarchy is a type of leadership that is governed by a woman. It doesn’t have to be a woman specifically, but the divine feminine ideologies that are essential to bringing peace and balance. In a world filled with violence and hate that continues to prevail unpunished, I asked myself “What statement do I want powerful young women to hold wherever they go?” and I realized I wanted them to represent that divine feminine that has been trampled on for too long. It is an advocacy and a form of peaceful activism. More often than not, we like to talk about the things we don’t want like screaming “Destroy the patriarchy!” but we must also scream what it is we do want. The word restoration is also important as a reminder that the Philippines used to be a matriarchy in precolonial times. This is when the Babaylan were spiritual healers and held high political positions. So it is not about destroying anything, but restoring what was always there.” - Angel Veridiano 🔮 
✨ 14x16” vertical with a 3” base and comes with a pocket and zipper 🌹 Portion of the profits will go to a local NGO—Rancho ni Cristo C.U.R.E. Foundation 💗 Made for you to be empowered Shop now!

"We Are Restoring the Matriarchy" Tote Bag by Not Angel's Merch

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