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“I am a firm believer that even just 5 minutes of journaling is a million times more productive than 5 hours of being on social media. In my opinion, your mind shapes at least 90% of your reality. If there’s one thing praying, manifesting, and studying have in common, it’s the mind. It has the power to solve problems, manifest wishes, create ideas; it is magick. I wanted this statement to be in the journal because I think we sometimes forget how powerful our minds are. Whether you use this for your academics, manifestations, personal journaling, it’s good to have a personal reminder that the mind is the most essential tool in getting what you want. When you pray, you can say all the hail marys you want or you can put all the frogs in a boiling pot or write your wishes 369 times, but if your mind’s not there it’s useless. Having these words greet you would instantly condition your mind into vibrating at a higher frequency. The mind is magick, your mind is the limit, and it’s only a matter of how badly you want it.” - Angel Veridiano 🔮 🌙 A5 size, 100gsm cream-colored paper, 96 sheets 🔮 contains standard grid printing 🌟 with elastic band, ribbon bookmark, and white back pocket 🌹 Portion of the profits will go to a local NGO—Rancho ni Cristo C.U.R.E. Foundation This is an original design by Angel Veridiano. ORDER YOURS NOW! We ship everyday!

"Mind is Magick" *LIMITED EDITION* Journal by Not Angel's Merch

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