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"Ambisyosa ako" has always a negative connotation and is perceived as something that is not admirable. But what people do not realize that, walang masama maging "ambisyosa" dahil libre lang mangarap and mas mabuting mangarap ng mataas kesa sa hindi mangarap.

With back-to-school, Hiraya has provided a more innovative option for you to keep your school stuff secured and keep you motivated to get through your journey in achieving your dreams.


🌷 Convertible tote bag/backpack (More spacious, with pockets & zipper)

⭐ Spacious, Washable and WITH POCKET & ZIPPER

Bag Dimensions:

✅ 18.5” - width

✅ 13.5” - length

✅ 3” - base

Regular Bag Dimension

✅ 16” - width

✅ 12.5” - length

✅ 3” - base




Order now. We ship everyday!

*Hiraya Studios* "Ambisyosa Ako" back-to-school reversible tote bag to backpack

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