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"11:11 by Ciara" perfume gives off a baby, soft & powdery scent that the TikTok influencer Ciara Valdez personally picked. 


This product is currently pre-order/for reservation. We will pack your order 10-12 days after checked-out. 


Product Details:

- 50ML

- Water-Based

- Glass bottle


Product Inclusion:

- 11:11 by Ciara Perfume (wrapped with bubblw wrap)

- Ciara's Signed Thank You Card



⚠️ Strictly NO RETURN & REFUND
⚠️ The brand is not liable for any damages that may occur upon shipment by the courier.

A portion of every purchase of this merch will be given to Child Hope Philippines. 


Original Hiraya Studios Design by Abigail Lazatin 




Make 11:11 by Ciara your daily manifesting wish spray.

“Wishing on 11:11 is my daily habit. I never imagined I'd be where I am now when I look back to the countless nights I had my head buried in books and content creation was just a dream.


From passing short quizzes to getting my college degree, 11:11 has heard all my wishes and manifestations; I even go as far as asking for my friends' 11:11 wishes if they don't use theirs—and now it's time to give back.”

11:11 by Ciara Valdez Perfume (Pre-Order)

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